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At Custom & Wasmund Bindery we provide a wide selection of services, including multiple binding options, exact duplication, custom tabs, logos, panels, searchable CD-ROM's, pickup and delivery, computerized shipping and distribution, and free estimates. Please see our portfolio for examples of our products.

Custom Tabs :
We offer various options for tabs:

  • Leather Tabs – Each black leather tab with gold or silver stamping is carefully placed by hand on manila paper for quick reference to your sections. In addition to your Index tab and subsequent numbers, we also offer letters and custom named tabs such as exhibits, schedules, and names.

  • Plastic Tabs – White with black numbers, a durable option for your velo and 3-Ring binding options. We also offer letters and custom tabs upon request.

Logos & Panels :
After completing a transaction, you and your clients may want to include a logo(s) on the spine of your hard bound volume to make your volume stand out amongst the others. Your clients logo is stamped with one or more colors to create an identical match. We also offer panels to further decorate your volume. We will happily suggest a color(s) to match your logo or accompany the color choice of your buckram or leather.

Searchable CD-ROM :

Due to an overwhelming response to our keen eye for detail, overall presentation, and our clients' need for Searchable CD's, we have extended our services into the digital realm. Our CD's are fully searchable and include bookmarks making them more user-friendly. Furthermore, they are more cost-effective because your documents are already in our system. Also, we understand how important it is for you to converse with your clients via phone and speak about specific documents, therefore for your convenience the documents remain identical in appearance and order whether you are looking through a bound volume or searchable CD. You may also choose to insert a searchable CD in a clear CD pocket in your bound volume or placed in an attractive presentation case.

Pickup & Delivery :
We offer daily pickup and delivery in the New York City area.

Shipping & Distribution:
Using computerized shipping methods and dependable couriers, we ship your custom made volumes and searchable CD-ROM's to you. Upon your request, we distribute specific volumes and searchable CD-ROM's to various recipients.

Free Estimates :
Please feel free to call us during business hours or email us for a free estimate. We will happily offer duplication, binding, and other options to meet your needs.

Binding Options :
We offer multiple binding options:

  • Hard Bound Volumes – Our most popular and specialized binding option. Each case is hand made using the highest quality Buckram covering ensuring a proper fit to your documents. Upon special request we also offer top quality leather. Each cover is carefully inspected and continues in the process of having logos, panels, and spine information stamped on the spine or optional front cover, using the time-honored tradition of hot-type and hand presses. Unlike other techniques, this method ensures your information will permanently adhere to the covering and will not peel or tear. Our hard bound volumes are considered trophy showpieces for your shelves for future reference. We can also include manila pockets for maps, surveys, and CD pockets in a specific tab or inside the back cover of your volume. Our attention to detail, client services, high-quality product, and specialized technique continually sets Custom & Wasmund Bindery apart from similar binding manufacturers.

  • Velo – A fast and permanent solution to store and file your closing documents using heated plastic. A clear plastic covering allows for quick reference to your materials.

  • 3-Ring – A cost-effective simple solution to store and file your closing documents. Upon request, paper inserts can be printed and inserted into the clear covering of the vinyl binders.

Exact Duplication :
We are a state of the art print production facility using the best scanners and high volume printers. Each original document is scanned, enhanced, and printed to ensure perfect quality, fast turnaround, and the highest levels of security. We print your documents in US Letter, Legal, and A4 size paper. Upon completion, your documents are archived within our system in case you need more copies, bound volumes, or searchable CD-ROM's in the future.

Improving Appearance of Documents :
Our scanning process enables us to examine each of your documents and remove unsightly fax lines, hole punches and black outlines. We also straighten crooked pages and darken text significantly improving the appearance of your documents.

Sewn, Glued, Trim & Rounded Documents :
Your documents are carefully machine sewn in sections securing your documents in place. They are then glued with a strong adhesive as further reinforcement. Once dry, the documents are trimmed and rounded to guarantee an attractive finishing.